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When I Lease A Beat, What Happens If It "Blows Up"?

Let’s start off with four questions that are asked a lot, concerning leased beats…

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The Supreme Guide To Online Beat Licensing

Online beat licensing is nothing new as music producers have been licensing their beats for many years now…

piano keyboard first time buying rap beats

First Time Buying Beats: Transitioning From Free Beats To Leasing Beats

A beginner’s guide to buying beats from online music producers.

The Mastering Chain

Mastering is the process of sculpting an audio file so that it sounds it’s best on the widest variety of playback systems. Learn how to do it properly!

What Are Tracked-Out Stems And Why You Need Them

If you’re looking to record your songs professionally, you really can’t go without the tracked out stems of the beat…

Why You Should Lease Beats Instead Of Buy Exclusive Rights

Some people might have convinced you that it’s an absolute must to buy beats exclusively. Here’s why you should consider leasing…

13 YouTube Music Promoters You Should Submit To

YouTube music promoters offer you a way to market yourself as an artist. Jump in to learn how to submit!

This Simple Method To Gain More Fans


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